Matrix Code Screen in HTA

This is an immitation of the famous green characters trickling down the monitor screens in the Matrix movie. The code is written in VBscript for HTA.
Attention: it uses quiet a bit of processor resources. Use it for curiousity only (not as a screen saver!).
See a screenshot at the bottom of the page.
Press [Esc] to close the program.
<title>Matrix 0.1</title>
<style type="text/css">
body{background-color:black; color:DarkSlateGray; font-size:20px;}
div{width:20px; float:left;}
<script language="vbscript">

Public n, iTimerID, MyTitle, colnum, carset
ReDim M(1,1)
ReDim SpecCar(64)
SpecCar(1)="&fnof;"   : SpecCar(11)="&Omega;"   : SpecCar(21)="&lambda;" : SpecCar(31)="&phi;"
SpecCar(2)="&Gamma;"  : SpecCar(12)="&alpha;"   : SpecCar(22)="&mu;"     : SpecCar(32)="&psi;"
SpecCar(3)="&Delta;"  : SpecCar(13)="&beta;"    : SpecCar(23)="&nu;"     : SpecCar(33)="&omega;"
SpecCar(4)="&Theta;"  : SpecCar(14)="&delta;"   : SpecCar(24)="&xi;"     : SpecCar(34)="&trade;"
SpecCar(5)="&Lambda;" : SpecCar(15)="&epsilon;" : SpecCar(25)="&pi;"     : SpecCar(35)="&larr;"
SpecCar(6)="&Xi;"     : SpecCar(16)="&zeta;"    : SpecCar(26)="&rho;"    : SpecCar(36)="&uarr;"
SpecCar(7)="&Pi;"     : SpecCar(17)="&eta;"     : SpecCar(27)="&sigmaf;" : SpecCar(37)="&rarr;"
SpecCar(8)="&Sigma;"  : SpecCar(19)="&iota;"    : SpecCar(29)="&tau;"    : SpecCar(39)="&harr;"
SpecCar(10)="&Psi;"   : SpecCar(20)="&kappa;"   : SpecCar(30)="&upsilon;": SpecCar(40)="&radic;"
SpecCar(41)="&infin;" : SpecCar(46)="&there4;"  : SpecCar(51)="&ge;"     : SpecCar(56)="&clubs;"
SpecCar(42)="&ang;"   : SpecCar(47)="&asymp;"   : SpecCar(52)="&oplus;"  : SpecCar(57)="&hearts;"
SpecCar(43)="&cap;"   : SpecCar(48)="&ne;"      : SpecCar(53)="&perp;"   : SpecCar(58)="&diams;"
SpecCar(44)="&cup;"   : SpecCar(49)="&equiv;"   : SpecCar(54)="&loz;"    : SpecCar(59)="&OElig;"
SpecCar(45)="&int;"   : SpecCar(50)="&le;"      : SpecCar(55)="&spades;" : SpecCar(60)="&dagger;"
SpecCar(61)="&Dagger;": SpecCar(62)="&euro;"    : SpecCar(63)="&oelig;"  : SpecCar(64)="&Scaron;"

Sub window_onLoad()
ReDim M(colnum,1)
'--- Set a random number for the first character to be written on the screen for each collumn (div) ---
'--- This is useful to avoid all the collumn to start at the same place -----
    For i=1 To colnum
    Randomize   '---This formula doesn't accept variables
    M(i,0) = Int(31*Rnd)  '--- M(i,0) contains the number of the character to be written
    '--- Fill the collumn with white space ---
	  For j=1 To n
	  t = t & "&nbsp;<br>"
    M(i,1) = t  '--- M(i,1) contains the html of the column
iTimerID = window.setInterval("Progress", 500)
End Sub

Sub Progress
    For i=1 To colnum
    l = Split(M(i,1), "<br>") '--- split by each character in the collumn
    cpos = M(i,0)  '--- position of the character to be written on the screen at this time
    '--- write a random ascii or a character from the array ---
	  If Int(carset)=1 Then
	  l(cpos) = "<span style=""color:GreenYellow"">" & Chr( 32 + Int(223*Rnd) ) & "</span>"
	  carset = carset +0.25
	  ElseIf Int(carset)=2 Then
	  l(cpos) = "<span style=""color:GreenYellow"">" & SpecCar( Int(64*Rnd) )  & "</span>"
	  carset = 1
	  End If
    '--- scale down to dark the previous characters ---
	  For j = cpos-1 To cpos-11 Step -1
	  tempj = j
		If j < 0 Then  '--- when we start from the top, darken characters at the bottom
		j = UBound(l) +j +1
		End If
		    Select Case y
		    Case 0 color="LawnGreen"
		    Case 1 color="LawnGreen"
		    Case 2 color="LimeGreen"
		    Case 3 color="LimeGreen"
		    Case 4 color="ForestGreen"
		    Case 5 color="ForestGreen"
		    Case 6 color="Green"
		    Case 7 color="Green"
		    Case 8 color="DarkGreen"
		    Case 9 color="DarkGreen"
		    Case 10 color=""
		    End Select
	  clj = l(j)
		If InStr(1, clj, "<span", 1)>0 Then   '--- isolate the character from the span tag
		clj = Left(clj, InStrRev(clj, "<") -1)
		clj = Mid(clj, InStr(clj, ">") +1)
		End If
		If color <> "" Then  '--- set a span with a color style only if necessary
		l(j) = "<span style=""color:" & color & """>" & clj & "</span>"
		l(j) = clj
		End If
	  j = tempj
    t = Join(l, "<br>")
    M(i,1) = t  '--- M(i,1) contains the html of the column
    cpos = cpos +1
	  If cpos > UBound(l) Then
	  cpos = 0
	  End If
    M(i,0) = cpos   '--- M(i,0) contains the number of the character to be written
    id("col" & i).innerHTML = t  '--- Show the result for this the collumn on the screen
End Sub

Sub checkKey
    Select Case window.event.keycode
    Case 27  Call ExitMatrix	'---escape: Quit the program
    End Select
End Sub

Sub ExitMatrix
window.clearInterval(iTimerID)  '---You must always clear the intervals before leaving
End Sub

Function id(o)
Set id = document.getElementById(o)
End Function

<body onKeyDown="checkKey">
<div id="col1"></div><div id="col12"></div><div id="col23"></div><div id="col34"></div>
<div id="col2"></div><div id="col13"></div><div id="col24"></div><div id="col35"></div>
<div id="col3"></div><div id="col14"></div><div id="col25"></div><div id="col36"></div>
<div id="col4"></div><div id="col15"></div><div id="col26"></div><div id="col37"></div>
<div id="col5"></div><div id="col16"></div><div id="col27"></div><div id="col38"></div>
<div id="col6"></div><div id="col17"></div><div id="col28"></div><div id="col39"></div>
<div id="col7"></div><div id="col18"></div><div id="col29"></div><div id="col40"></div>
<div id="col8"></div><div id="col19"></div><div id="col30"></div><div id="col41"></div>
<div id="col9"></div><div id="col20"></div><div id="col31"></div><div id="col42"></div>
<div id="col10"></div><div id="col21"></div><div id="col32"></div><div id="col43"></div>
<div id="col11"></div><div id="col22"></div><div id="col33"></div><div id="col44"></div>
<div id="col45"></div><div id="col46"></div><div id="col47"></div><div id="col48"></div>

This is how the monitor looks like. Imagine the collumns of characters moving from top down... (back to top)


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