Installed (System) File Checker version 4.8
 by Fredledingue

Last update: 3rd of August 2011

To download Installed File Checker (25 Kb) click here
Not yet tested Vista or w7 but you can try. ;-)


-Quickely track changes in your system files.
-Scan the root of drive C, the Windows folder, the Program File folder and folders of your choice.
-Allow exclude list, easy configuration, autodect recommanded folders etc.
-Faster than similar applications.

This application is very useful and handy everytime you install or uninstall anything. You can also do a check regularly without installing or uninstalling anything, for keeping a watch on your system or just for fun.
It takes only a few seconds.
If something goes wrong you can always try to find out what has changed since it was all right.

Unzip into a folder of your choice. (No further installation necessary.)

Non-updated W98 platforms:
Windows Script Host 5.6. is strongly recommanded! (normaly installed with uSP2 or above)
If you see an error message while using these scripts, please download and install SCR579X.EXE.
Infos on the SCR579X.EXE vbs/javascript patch for w98.

I didn't test it on ME or W95 but you can try too.


1/ Doubleclick checksystem*.hta (*=version number).
===> output in HTML format

2/ Follow the instructions
ATTENTION: NEVER doubleclick on *.bat files or other files!!!!
3/ Run it again one week later or after you installed or removed another program.



-Uncomplete test release

-First complete release
-Renamed to "Installed Files Checker" to avoid confusion with "System File Checker".
-Scan the root of drive C, the Windows folder, the Program File folder and also folders of your choice.
-Added ifc_config*.vbs
-Improved interface and other bug fixes

-Fixed: Some rare bugs in the batch file

-Fixed: The "Problem with StartA and StartB" error causing a termination of the script

-Fixed: An Important bug causing mistakes when list not sorted by the batch file
-Fixed: Path sometimes not mentioned

(Jumped from version 1.0 to 2.0 ==> New comparision engine)

-Comparision engine rewritten for higher reliability
-ifc_config*.vbs writes a batch script that avoids unsorted lists as much as possible
-Gives the change in free space on drive again

-Added: Exclusion list
-Fixed: New folders sometimes not checked (verify batch file and new folders)
-Improved the function to avoid unsorted lists
-Updating the batch file for new unsorted folder found during the process
-Fixed: Various potential errors but not all
-Less garbage in the reports! (when listed by blocks)
-Lists of scanned and excluded folders added at the top of the report (also in ScanList.txt)
-Added: Duration of the process (for debuging purpose and curiosity)

-Improved: Exclusion list setting
-Other minor improvements

-Removed some debug informations and pop-ups
-Fixed: Mistakes in file path when the script reaches the end of the list

-Fixed: Various potential errors but maybe not all! :mad:
-Fixed: lists with "0 items" not appearing anymore.
-Improved: Display of small block of files, now listed individualy
-Imrpoved: Naming of the report files (_yymmdd_hhnnss ). Now they will list chronologicaly in Explorer

-Fixed: Potential errors in reported file paths.

-Added HTML output with tables and links to folders
-Improved: TXT output sorted by folder, then by type of change: easier reading
-Fixed: Program not responding (infinite loop) in some case
-Fixed: Files with "hidden" and "system" atributes not listed twice

-Fixed an important bug which appeared in version 2.6: many files not reported and wrong paths (Sorry for those who used 2.6)

-Fixed more errors.

-Fixed more errors, especialy in file paths.

-Fixed more errors.
-Fixed uselessly reporting the directory where the program is located.

(Jumped from version 3.0 to 4.0 ==> New comparision engine + graphic interface)

-Added: HTA graphic interface to display results and progressbar
-Added: Summary display (also works without the HTA interface)
-Completely new comparison engine (more use of the memory), which means:
* Much faster for large numbers of file change.
* Speed is more consistant, more predictable.
* Smaller and simplier code (the last one became a monster after all the fixes)
* More reliable
-Fixed: Won't restart the batch file anymore (if that ever happened to you)
-Removed: Verifying the integrity of the batch file (no need to be nervous on unsorted folders anymore)

-Added: HTA interface for the configuration settings
-Fixed: New bug from version 4.0 : New folder content not listed and not compared
-Fixed: Other potential albeit not experienced errors.
-Fixed: Cell on the top of the 1st table empty and not framed.
-Fixed (posssibly fixed in v4.0 already): Some folders are listed twice, in two separate tables, with different results.
-Fixed (posssibly fixed in v4.0 already): Sometimes the directory where the script is installed is mentioned.
-Improved: Dos prompt not apearing anymore. Instead, a progressbar is shown.
-Improved: Better Scan list and Exclude list handling by the program as well as by the user
-Improved: Minor details in the checksystem41 HTA interface
-Removed temporarily: Support for text output

-Fixed: Subfolders of excluded folders still scanned
-Fixed: Error "input past end of file" when InvalidPathsIndex.txt is empty
-Fixed: Other possible errors with ifc_config and checksystem*.vbs

-Optimized: For Windows Script Host 5.1 and possibly below (non updated w98) ATTENTION: WSH 5.6 still strongly recommanded (faster).
-Added: Personal comment on the reports
-Added: Indexing in a Html page the report file names and the comments for easier re-viewing
-Fixed: Configuration interface not launching the application
-Improved: Other minor details

-Improved: Use of registry for communication among separate scripts (should avoid "file already exists" errors)
-Added: WSH version detection (click "About")
-Fixed: Comment field disapearing after "Closing Help"

-Improved: Configuration panel now reads old settings if any.
-Improved: Use of registry (finished) and other minor things in the code.
-Fixed: Configuration panel showing an "Ok" dialog box instead of "Yes No".
-Fixed: Configuration panel not showing the Program Files folder

4.5b (silent update - no effect while using)
-Fixed minor bug with registry (ProgramFilesDir)

-New: Support for Windows XP and other OSes using the same DOS version.
-New: Displaying system file versions (exe, dll etc) for added and modified files
-Improved: Slightly faster
-Improved: Option to shrink or expand table cells containing long names
-Improved: Style (color, table, font etc) and better html code
-Improved: Focus directly on the "comment" box
-Improved: Displaying the folder being checked when this one takes a long time to do
-Fixed: Potential mistakes when more than 50 files have been added or missing in the same folder
-Fixed: White space preceding file names when the hour in the file date is followed by "a" or "p" (very minor bug)
-Fixed: Main window hiding the taskbar when enlarged for viewing details
-Changed: Location of the program's registry entries

-Fixed: The folder being checked not properly showing in the progressbar
-Fixed: New bug where folders didn't open from their link in the results page (bug in "Escape" method)

-Fixed unability to check files when the DOS version is changed (w98) and the DIR command gives a different output.
-Improved: lower risk of false modified or missing/added couples in normal times thanks to the fix above.
-Added buttons "See Archives" and "Setings"


Free to use and distribute for private and non commercial and non professional purpose.
These scripts are under copyright protection.

These scripts are provided freely and without warranty. The author can not be held responsible for any damage, loss of data or loss of functionality resulting from the direct or indirect use of these scripts.

Information generated by These scripts MAY DIFFER FROM REALITY and may be misleading.

Use at your own risk.


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