VBScript and HTA Applications

Last update: 3rd of April 2021

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 Off line forum message editor - BBCode Editor
dingue_bbcode_editor.1.1 (Size: 22 Kb), in case of error, please use dingue_bbcode_editor.0.8 (Size: 20 Kb)

This interface duplicates an internet forum form, with some enhancements which make it easier, faster and safer.
It keeps a record of all your messages on your computer.

-Extra large input box
-Real time preview (updated every 2 seconds)
-Error highlighting
-Special characters bar
-Shows message lenght
-Undo/Redo until 40 steps
-Auto insert links from clipboard
-Auto insert default text into url tag
-Auto paste clipboard in quote or code
-Auto back up to temporary file
-Save to message history
-Save to separate file
-Copy to clipboard
-Works offline (no internet connection needed)

 Calculator and Unit Convertor: dingue_calculator_beta.2.3 (Size: 48 Kb), in case of error, please use dingue_calculator_eng.2.1 (Size: 35 Kb)

-A simple, yet full featured calculator and unit convertor.
-Convert many units to many units.
-Use of x,y and z variables.
-See the operation you are typing and allow re-editing it before calculating the result*
-Convert many units to many units including data storage
-Compose complex units with no limitation
-Convert currencies with with a customized currency list
-Use of customized variables
-Use of demultiplier symbols such as K,M,G and T to avoid typing large numbers
-Optionaly reduce the lenght of the result by using demultiplier symbols such as K,M,G and T
-Optionaly reduce the number of decimals
-Optionaly separates thousands with white spaces
-Switch back to the previous operations to re-edit them ("Previous/Next" buttons)
-See a full list of the operations that you have been doing with copy-paste allowed
-Save the operations and the results as a text file.
-Calculate percents of a certain number or how many percent this number is in another one
-Gives value of Pi
-Use "V" symbol for square root, visualy closer to classic math, also works with or without parenthesis.
-Cos(X) Sin(X) Tan(X) etc works with or without parenthesis.
-Optionaly gives help and tips on the fly
-Use buttons or type symbols manualy as you like
-Intuitive, customizable, skinable HTA interface, in another word: Cool!
-----> READ MORE here

Files BackUp 0.1  Size: 34 Kb

-Quickely track changes in your documents and copy them to one or several location for back up.
-Allow exclude list, easy configuration, autodect recommanded folders etc.
-Allow exclusion paterns for all folders or for specific folders, file size limit etc
-Faster than similar applications.

This program is designed to be fast, especialy when checking large numbers of files.
It shows its best performance when dealing with a few new files lost among thousands of unchanged ones.

Installed_Files_Checker 4.8  Size: 25 Kb

-Quickely compare files installed on your computer to track changes in your system.
-Scan the root of drive C, the Windows folder, the Program File folder and other folders of your choice.
-Output in Html format or in text format

Caractères Spéciaux Editor 0.2 Web design utility and html editor. Size: 18 Kb

Converts texts with special french characters (eg: "é") to their equivalent in html code (eg: "é").
It also add html code for various symbols such as euro, sterling pound, sparrows, dagger, copyright, greek letters and other non standard letters.
Useful to edit web content in french no matter which language set is used on the html page or if the user doesn't have it installed on his computer.

-Convert automaticaly all non-standard symbols to their html code
-Adapted to French
-Buttons to easily insert symbols other than french letters
-Buttons to insert basic text formating (color, bold etc)
-Optionaly covert new lines to <br> or other combinations for easily inserting the text into scripts
-Undo/Redo until 40 steps
-Auto insert links from clipboard
-Auto insert default text into url tag
-Auto paste clipboard in quote or code
-Auto back up to temporary file
-Save to separate file
-Copy to clipboard

Gerber file and drill file editing and utility softwares (vbScript):

Checks netlist files for errors.

Compares two netlist files for differences between them.

Smartly clean drill files from hole duplicates.

Context Menu Customizer Hta 0.5 Beta

Customize the right-click menu in Explorer

-Add, remove, edit items from the context menu for a filetype or a file extention, drives and folders.
-Add, remove, edit Fast Explorer items in the context menu (if the component {included} is installed).
-Modify basic settings for the file type (icon, double-click/open program, caption).

Matrix Code for HTA

an immitation of the famous green characters trickling down the monitor screens in the Matrix movie. The code is written in VBscript for HTA.

Copy-paste the code in Notepad or similar and save it as matrix.hta

 Clean_HTM.0.1.2  Size: 3 Kb
(Still in developement but ready to use)

-Removes garbage, scripts, unsaved images references and other internet connection triggers from the source code of htm or html files saved on your hard disk.
-Make viewing html files offline easier and MUCH FASTER.
-No more red-cross boxes and useless automatic connection.
-Remove ALL scripts and reference to scripts (no way a virus survives this)
-Correct bookmarks that may not work.
-Add in front of hyperlinks: [X] for deadlinks and [email] for e-mails (optional).
-Original files saved into a subfolder for safety.

 Picture Plus Text Viewer 0.4 beta  Size: 7 Kb

HTA image & text application for viewing images and text at the same time.
(Still in developement)

-A very simple picture viewer displaying at the same time a text refering to this picture.
-Texts can be short comments or long descriptions, stories, jokes, etc
-Supports only picture formats supported by Internet Explorer (jpg, png and gif)
-Gives the picture size, file size and date.

FixFileName.0.7  Size: 4 Kb

-Rename files by replacing illegal characters by legal ones or by white spaces.

-Rename files by replacing characters which are specific to your language by normal, international ones.
Thes characters may be valid within the language set of your computer, but not anymore when you transfer these files to another computer, making the file unreadable.
For example if one file is named with some polish character, you won't be able to open it on another computer without a polish character set. Even worse: you may even be unable to delete or move this file!

-Rename files by replacing dots by "_" to avoid extention misunderstanding.

-Reduces the file name lenghts to a number of characters set by the user.

-Possibility to undo.

Code for a progressbar in HTA.

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