HTA Progressbar

This is an example of progressbar to use in HTA applications (VBscript)
See also Progress Blocks for hta, the same but with colored blocks display.
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<title id="title">ProgressBar 2.1</title>
<script language="vbscript">

	'This is an example of progressbar
Public x,y, MyTitle, iTimerID, KeepGoing

Sub Window_Onload
MyTitle = document.Title
id("ProgBarToDo").innerText = String(80, "_") & "|"  '----Fills the progressbar with gray. 
			'You can hardcode it in the body html, but it's more flexible like this
window.ResizeTo 720, 200       '----Resizing to a better size for a progressbar
x=0       '--- x will be the number of item done.
y=35     '--- y will be the number of item to do.
End Sub

Sub Go
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oof = fso.CreateTextFile("testpb.vbs", True)
oof.WriteLine "wscript.sleep WScript.Arguments(0)"  '---We'll run a sleep script so that 
			'we can see the progressbar going slowly
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

	Do Until x=y
	WshShell.Run "testpb.vbs 250",1,True  '----FOR TEST ONLY
		If KeepGoing = False Or window.screenTop > 10000 Then '---"window.screenTop > 10000" prevents 
					'the loop for continuing when the window is closed
		Exit Do
		End If
End Sub

Sub Progress(v)
	Select Case v
	Case 0  '---Stoping the progressbar activity---
		window.clearInterval(iTimerID)  '----Cancel the order to launch the Sub at the 500 milliseconds interval 
		iTimerID =""             '----Tells the program that iTimerID is nothing. 
					'Usefull to know if the progressbar is in activity or not.
		id("BtnGo").disabled = False       '----Allow the user to restart
		id("BtnCancel").disabled = True    '-----No need to press this button anymore
		id("BtnExit").disabled = False     '----Allow the user to exit the program
		Progress(2)            '----Update the progressbar one last time
		MsgBox "Operation finished.",,MyTitle
	Case 1  '---Starting the progressbar---
		iTimerID = window.setInterval("Progress(2)", 500)    '----- Launching the Sub Progress 
				'every 500 milliseconds with the variable 2
		id("BtnGo").disabled = True        '----No need to press the Go button twice
		id("BtnCancel").disabled = False   '---Allow the user to stop the process
		id("BtnExit").disabled = True      '----Forbid the user to close the program before it's over
		KeepGoing = True
		Progress(2)         '---- Once started we can update it already

	Case 2  '---Updating the progressbar---
		document.Title = FormatPercent(x/y, 0) & MyTitle  '---Add a nice percentage indication of the progrss 
						'in the title bar, also visible in the desktop taskbar
		id("ProgBarText").innerText = x & "/" & y  '----Shows the number of itmed done 
						'and the number of items to do
		d = Round( x / (y/80)  ,0)   '------Formula: 80 is the width of the progressbar 
						'in number of characters
		id("ProgBarDone").innerText = String(d, "_")  '----Draws the progressing blue line indicating what is done
		If d<80 Then   '----The bar is not full yet
		id("ProgBarToDo").innerText = String(80-d, "_") & "|"  '----Draws the remaining grey part of the progressbar
		Else     '----If the progressbar is full, just do this...
		id("ProgBarToDo").innerText = "|"  '---No grey part left at all
		End If			
	End Select
End Sub

Function id(o)
Set id = document.getElementById(o)
End Function

Sub Help
MsgBox "This is an example of progressbar in HTA written by Fredledingue.",,MyTitle
End Sub

<body bgcolor="GreenYellow">
<!-- Basic buttons -->
<input id="BtnGo"     type="button" value="Go"     onclick="Go">
<input id="BtnCancel" type="button" value="Cancel" onclick="KeepGoing=False" disabled="True">
<input id="BtnExit"   type="button" value="Exit"   onclick="window.close">
<input id="BtnHelp"   type="button" value="Help"   onclick="Help">
<!-- Progress bar -->
Done: <span id="ProgBarText">?</span><br>
<span id="ProgBarDone" style="background-color:blue"></span>
<span id="ProgBarToDo" style="background-color:silver"></span>
<!-- Progress bar (End) -->


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