Big Open Box for W98

Make "Open", "Save", "Save As" etc dialog boxes bigger by defaut.
See more files at once!


800x600 pixels resolution display or more.
For Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition only. (Not XP, Vista, 7 or w95).
98lite users:
* This patch is NOT COMPATIBLE with 98lite SLEEK and 98lite MICRO.
* 98lite CHUBBY or OVERWEIGHT: (un)instal MANUALY! (See instructions in the readme.)


To run the installation and uninstallation scripts you need Windows Script Host 5.6 or superior.
If you are not sure, run the scripts anyway and you will see...
If it doesn't work you can instal the patch manualy.
Read carefully the readme file !

Free for personal use.


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