The Save To Wardrobe Plug-In

by Fredledingue

Download SaveToWardrobe 0.4 Beta  Size: 30 Kb

Download Wardrobe w9x pack (Optional)  Size: 42 Kb

SaveToWardrobe is a plugin for Maxthon used to save complete web pages (with pictures and everything) in another fashion.

While saving, it stores the attached files to a unique folder (set in the ini file). Doing this it avoids duplicate files and the creation of _files folders.
It works as a separate process, avoid browser freeze and won't popup "This page could not be saved." errors.
It allows many options such as removing scripts from your saved web pages. It also tries to fix links, flags, and other things.


-Unzip the files to the Maxthon\Plugin directory (The subfolder for the plugin will be created automaticaly)

-Double-click "WardrobeConfig.hta" to configure. If you don't, this application will appear the first time you use the plug-in.

-(re)Start Maxthon
(Also available via "WardrobeConfig.hta")

The WardrobeMode defines how many and where and why Wardrobe folders will be created.

0    One folder called "Wardrobe" for everything
1    One subfolder per domain in a single folder called "Wardrobe"    (Default/Recommanded)
2    One subfolder per domain in the folder where the page is saved
3    One subfolder per domain in a subfolder called "Wardrobe" in the folder where the page is saved


Default: none. If "none", it will prompt you for a Wardrobe folder location if required. After that you should not change this setting.

Advanced users can copy-paste the path for the Wardrobe straight into plugin.ini.
If WardrobeMode is set to 0 or 1 it must be a full path. Long and short paths are both accepted.
If set to 3, it must be a simple name without a path.
If set to 2, it will be ignored.

0    Take as many things as possible from the cache, download the rest    (Default/Recommanded)
1    Download all the illustrations anew everytime                    (Slower)
2    Prompt for updating them                                    (If you realy need it)
3    Never download anything, pick only from cache                    (Not recommanded but will work off line)

0    Keep everthing                                    (Default, yet not the very best)
1    Erase scripts and references to js and vbs files in code    (Recommanded but option 5 is, in my opinion, better)
2    Erase references to css files in code                    (Not recommanded, page styles may disapear)
3    Erase references to swf files                        (Useful to remove disturbing flash movies)
4    No script, no js, no vbs, no css                        (Not recommanded, page styles may disapear)
5    No script, no js, no vbs, no swf                        (Highly Recommanded)
6    No script, no js, no vbs, no css, no swf                (Not recommanded, page styles may disapear)
7    Keep only pictures (jpg, png and gif) + css                (Radical)
8    Keep only pictures (jpg, png and gif)                    (Extreme)

-From Maxthon plug-in bar, click on the "Wardrobe" icon

    Windows XP should have no problem. Just make sure that all users have rights on the Wardrobe forlder location.

    Windows Vista: Untested

    Windows w98 and other old Windows versions may or may not need one or two of the following add-ons:

- JSDlgBox.dll and/or jsTP.exe available in the wardrobe w9x pack.
Click here to download
These component can also be installed on Windows XP if needed.
(Thanks to Joe Pristley for writting them and making them available for free.)

- Windows Script Host 5.6 (Not necessary if you have installed uSP2 or above)
Normaly installed with uSP2.01a or above for w98se.
If you see an error message while using these scripts, please
download it here or here from Microsoft . (Size 664 KB) or install recklessly the Unofficial Service Pack for Windows 98SE (Size 16Mb)


1/ When you save a webpage with this plug-in, it's the equivalent of saving as "html complete". The difference is that all the files (pictures, sounds, flash, js scripts etc) are stored in the Wardrobe, a special directory which path and method of creation are set in "plugin.ini".

The Wardrobe is the folder where the local html pages come there to dress up.
No more "..._Files" folders disturbing your document folder tree!
No more duplicated files: the same files are used for all the pages which use them.
Instead of having 57 identical "logo.gif" in 57 "_Files" folders, you will have only one "logo.gif" in the Wardrobe.

If two websites use the same file name, the file name will be incremented to avoid having the wrong picture on your page.
For example, if you see logo.gif, logo1.gif, logo2.gif, etc it meas that they are all different and come from different websites. They are not duplicates.

2/ If a page link to another page already saved with this plug-in, it will link to the local, saved page instead of the on-line one or instead of, what happens too often, to nothing at all.

3/ It atempts to fix links and bookmarks which don't work anymore once a webpage is saved on you computer. That happens because the links are not complete so the plug-in complete them with the full url.

4/ Instead of downloading all the files again as IE does, it first look in the cache (the "Temporary Internet Files") to see if it cannot find them. That makes the process not only faster (especialy with large multimedia files), but also more reliable and, when he can find all the files there, not dependant from the internet connection.

5/ The process of saving and dowloading is independant from Maxthon or IE. If Maxthon crashes, the plug-in keep on working and vice versa.
During the saving process you are still able to work with Maxthon.

6/ Process second level or cascaded html, framed html, css and no-extention files which were downloaded during the processing of the main web page. This should allow to display more stuffs and save pages impossible to save otherwise.

7/ The "CleanHtml" options allows you to erase completely all scripts from the saved webpage, making it much faster to read off line and much safer. It can remove also swf flash movies which are usualy disturbing advertisements. You can also discard css files if you want but it's not recomanded because some pages may look ugly after that.

-First public release

-Fixed an error after the "save as" dialog box

-Added Wradrobe Cleaner to delete obsolete files and datas from the Wardrobe
-Added Process second level or cascaded html, css and no-extention files which were downloaded
-Fixed erroneous correction/completion of page links (href)
-Discard invalid url and filepaths from the download list
-Discard or correct invalid "save as" filenames input

-Added Html auto-cleaner options
-Added "WardrobeMode" options
-Added "Never download anything" option
-Added "WardrobConfig.vbs" UI
-Fixed very slow and erroneous reading of index.dat
-Fixed file failing to download afile when its url starts with "../"
-Fixed files written in indexes while they failed to download and don't exist in the Wardrobe
-Fixed failure to launch jsTP component (when used)
"These scripts" refers to all scripts, textes, html, hta, vbs and any other type of items provided in the package known as the SaveToWardrobe Maxthon plug-in.

These scripts are free to use and distribute for private and non commercial purpose.
These scripts are under copyright protection.

These scripts are provided freely and without warranty. The author can not be held responsible for damage or loss of data resulting from the direct or indirect use of these scripts.

The pages saved with this plugin MAY DIFFER FROM THE ORIGINAL web page.

Use at your own risk.

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